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Gaia Green Tomato Supreme 4-3-3

  4kg 10kg

Liquid Tomato Supreme

Gaia Green Tomato Supreme 4-3-3 contains the specific nutrients needed to produce abundant, nutritious tomatoes, naturally. This liquid formula can also be used on all vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, and houseplants.

Fish, kelp extract, blood meal, mined potassium sulphate, and humates.

Garden, landscape and lawn: Mix 60 to 90 mL into 4L water. Apply with watering can or through irrigation every 2 weeks or as desired between feedings and water regularly.
Pre-mixing soil for hanging baskets potted plants and planter boxes: Transplanting tomatoes, vegetables and flowers: Mix 60 mL into 4 L water. Apply 250 mL of diluted solution into planting hole, then an additional 250 mL on the soil surface after planting.
Top dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Established plants: Mix 60 mL into 4L water. Apply 1 L of diluted solution per 1 m2 soil surface every 3 to 4 weeks. Increase dilutions to 90mL into 4 L water when plants begin to grow rapidly, and then decrease to 60 mL into 4 L water during fruit ripening. House plants: Mix 20 mL into 1L water. Apply 250 mL of diluted solution for every 4 L of soil.


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