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all purpose 4-4-4 500g


Gaia Green Natural Garden Liquid 4-3-4

Gaia Green Natural Garden Liquid is a well-balanced fertilizer which is a blend of fish emulsion, humates and seaweed extracts. This is a great product as an in season booster for plants fertilized with our All-Purpose 4-4-4, although it should not be considered a liquid version of the 4-4-4. It is also excellent in situations where it is more convenient to use a liquid fertilizer, such as hanging baskets.

Directions for use in garden, landscape and lawn: Shake well. Mix 60-90 ml into 1L of water, apply with watering can or through irrigation every 2 weeks or as required. Water regularly between applications.

Transplanting: Mix 60ml into 4L water, apply 250ml of solution into planting hole, and add and additional 250ml on soil surface after planting.

Established Plants: Mix 60ml into 4L of water, apply 1L of solution per 1m of row or 1m2 of soil every 2 weeks or as required. Increase dilution rate to 90ml/4L when plants begin to grow rapidly, then 60 ml/4L during fruit ripening. Water regularly between applications.

Hydroponic Use: 1-2 ml per litre of water into reservoir once per week.

Note: Use within 48 hours of mixing with water for application. Do not Freeze.

Ingredients: Fish emulsion, kelp meal, blood meal, rock phosphate, mined potassium sulfate and humates.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:
Total Nitrogen (N) Azote total.......................... 4%
Available Phosphoric Acid(P₂O)........................ 3%
Soluble Potash (K₂0)...................................... 3%




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