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Gaia Green Greensand 22.68kg

Gaia Green Greensand

Gaia Green Greensand Greensand is an iron potassium silicate containing 7% potassium (K2O), 20% iron oxide (FeO2), and as many as thirty (30) other elements. Greensand loosens hard soils, binds sandy soils, regulates moisture, and assists in the release of other nutrients. This ancient algae sea shore deposit is valued as a slow release source of potash and other essential minerals. Greensand can be mixed with Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust to produce a broader range of nutrients.



Vegetable & Flower Gardens:
1-4.5kgs /10 m² (2.5 – 10lbs. /100 ft².)

1-4tonne/ha. (0.5-2tons/acre)

Greensand Analysis

Total Nitrogen as N 00.03% Soluble K2O 00.04% Zinc as Zn 150ppm
Antimony as Sb 114ppm Soluble SO4S 00.21% Copper as Cu 21ppm
Avail Phos. as P205 00.45% Manganese as Mn 86ppm Magnesium as Mg 01.40%
Total Phos. as P205 00.55% Boron as B 21ppm Calcium as Ca 00.55%
Total Sulphur as S 00.31% Iron as Fe 11.74% PH 1:10 water 04.10%
Total Potassium K2O 06.06% Cadmium as Cd 13ppm Organic Matter 07.00%
Water Soluble N 00.02% Sodium as Na 00.01% Molybdendum as Mo 21ppm
Aluminum as Al 02.80% Vanadium as V 123ppm Nickel as Ni 42ppm
Chromium as Cr 381ppm Lead as Pb 148ppm Strontium as Sr 21ppm
Cobalt as Co 21ppm Selenium as Se 218ppm    



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