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How are Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers Different from Convetional Fertilizers?

High N-P-K synthetic soluble fertilizers are typically designed to feed plants directly. Although this method provides desirable plant growth, these salt based fertilizers may by-pass the living organisms in the soil, and can be toxic to them. Under certain conditions, up to 70% of some soluble synthetic fertilizers can be leached from the root zone or evaporate from the soil surface rendering them ineffective. Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers do not leach from the root zone, with close to 100% becoming slowly available to the plants. Our organic fertilizers feed the soil and the organisms living in it. These soil organisms process, cycle and re-cycle nutrients creating a natural "slow release" which helps to build essential soil organic matter and improve the soil food web. HEALTHY SOIL PRODUCES HEALTHY PLANTS.

Will Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers Burn My Plants?

When Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers are used at the application rate provided on the product packaging, burning will not occur. Care should be taken when mixing organic fertilizers into soil or growing medium as increased quantities will heat up due to microbial action as they break down. Over application in some cases can be damaging to plant root systems.

Are There Any Plants I Should Avoid Using Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers On?

Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers are environmentally friendly, safe, and may be used on all plants. Some organic fertilizers may cause a harmless mold to develop on the surface of houseplants as a result of the fertilizer breaking down to feed the soil. This mold can be scratched in and will add to the over-all benefit of the fertilizer.

Why Should I Use Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers on My Flowers and Ornamental Plants?

Over the years we have had numerous customers remark on the vibrant color, size, and number of blooms on their flowering plants and shrubs. Our Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers, particularly Power Bloom, are not only safe and environmentally friendly they provide gardeners with outstanding results.

Is Gaia Green Organic Fertilizer Safe to Use?

Some of our Organic Fertilizer Blends are made up of very fine particles, so caution should be used when applying these products, avoid inhaling dust. All of our products are environmentally friendly and are safe for children, pets, and wildlife.

Is There an Odor to Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers?

Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers are manufactured from a variety of natural organic ingredients, some of which have destinct aroma’s. Once the products have been applied to the soil they quickly break-down and the odor disappears. For example our Fertilizing Soil Conditioner has a pungent odor and may smell when applied to a lawn or garden for a few days, not more than a week.The benefits from using this extremely valuable fertilizer product greatly out- weigh the brief inconvenience.

Is Gaia Green Organic Fertilizer More Expensive?

Our Premium Organic Fertilizers may appear to be more expensive than some soluble fertilizers at first glance. In price comparison, it is important to compare our organic fertilizers to the highest quality slow release synthetic fertilizer products. Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers are natural slow release, build soil organic matter, and do not leach from the root zone so more of the fertilizer will be used by the plants. Over time as soil structure improves, less fertilizer will be required, significantly reducing the long term costs of fertilizing organically.

How Much Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizer Do I Apply?

As a general rule, follow the application rates for individual products. Because most Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers are relatively low N-P-K, higher application can be used depending on soil and growing conditions. Experienced gardeners can experiment with application rates to suit their specific needs

When Do I Apply Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers?

Although the ideal time for applying most organic fertilizers is in the autumn, they can be applied at any time of the year. When pre-mixing fertilizer into the soil in the spring, wait approximately two (2) weeks before planting where possible. This allows the soil microorganisms to start breaking down the fertilizer and make them plant available. When Top Dressing fertilizers during the growing season the application rates are reduced. Refer to application rates on product packaging

What Differences Can I Expect by Using Gaia Green Organic Fertilizers?

Use of Gaia Green Premium Organic Fertilizers will improve your soil by activating the microorganisms in it, which increases the vitality of the soil resulting in a healthier plants and a more vibrant garden and landscape. A number of testimonials have also suggested increased resistance to insect infestation, disease, drought, and frost.


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